Studies for Adolescents

By participating in a research study, you can help us establish effective treatments and help us learn about the causes and nature of adolescent mental health problems.

You may also, depending on the study, receive significant reduction in treatment costs or receive treatment free of charge.

All of our research studies are completely voluntary; you may opt out at any time without penalty.

  • Novel treatment to help your child (9 to 14 ) overcome social anxiety

    Does your 9- to 14-year-old get nervous or scared in social situations (school, restaurants, social gatherings)? He or she may qualify to participate in a research study to reduce their social anxiety. If eligible, your child will be randomly assigned to one of two interactive computer programs. Eligible participants will complete eight 15-minute sessions during a four-week period. Families will be compensated $600 for completing four study assessments. Services are offered in both English and Spanish. There is no waiting period to participate in this treatment study. Read the CAPP study flyer, email or call 305-348-1937 to learn more.

  • Individual Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) 

    Free evidence-based treatment program where youth (ages 3-17) learn healthy ways of coping with their feelings, while caregivers learn stress management, parenting and behavior management skills, and communication skills. As a result, caregivers are better able to manage their own emotional distress and support their child more effectively. Read the TF-CBT flyer, Call 305-348-5885 or email for more information.

  • Seeking teens who do and do not vape or use e-cigarettes (high schoolers)

    If you are a teen who doesn't vape or use e-cigarettes, or if you are a teen who has, you may be eligible to participate in a project looking at long-term effects of e-cigarettes and vaping. The project involves coming to FIU's main campus with your parent/legal guardian to answer survey questions, and for some, have your brain scanned in an MRI machine. To see if you are eligible or if you want more information, you may contact the ACE Project at 786-708-1606 or email us at

  • MADE Project: Get paid to fill out surveys about vaping and play a computer game (middle schoolers)

    Students in 5th – 8th grade are eligible to participate in the MADE (Middle-schoolers AvoiD ENDS) Project! Families can be compensated up to $60 to fill out surveys. Visit the MADE Project website to learn more.

  • Seeking children ages 10-13 for a study on sleep, emotion and memory

    REMEDY Research Group and the Memory and Development Lab are currently looking for 10- to 13-year-olds to enroll in a study on the relationship between sleep, emotion, and memory. Participants can earn up to $200; some children will be randomly selected to stay overnight at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and may earn an additional $100. Learn more about the EMU Study.

  • CBT Anxiety Response Linked to Overgeneralization Study (CARLOS)

    Treatment study examining predictors of children's response to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Children who complete the EMU Study may be eligible to receive 12 free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions for anxiety through our program as part of this study. This is the most well-established treatment for child anxiety. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on helping children change their anxious or fearful thoughts and gradually learn to approach or deal with feared objects or situations. We will examine how children’s thoughts and beliefs about negative experiences predict how they respond to treatment. Services are offered in both English and Spanish. To qualify for this study, treatment must begin 2-4 weeks after completing the EMU Study. Email or call 305-348-1937.

  • Seeking teens (ages 13-17) who have experienced difficult events/trauma in childhood

    The SWAY Project is seeking teens (13-17 years old) who identify as Black or Latino/a/x and who have experienced adversity or difficult life events. The study aims to find out what teens think it means to be healthy in terms of their sexuality and how this is related to general life experiences. Participants can earn up to $35 for their time. For more information, you can read this flyer, call 786-496-4286 or email

  • Seeking caregivers and adolescents ages 12 to 18-years-old with some symptoms of depression

    The YESS project is seeking caregivers and adolescents ages 12 to 18-years-old with some symptoms of depression to participate in a study. We are investigating how adolescents' thoughts, moods, and behaviors may change how they feel over time, as well as what drives depression in adolescents.Parents and adolescents will fill out questionnaires and complete two interviews over Zoom, approximately 28 days apart. Adolescents will download an app on their smartphone to track their mood and phone-use and wear an actigraph (wristwatch) to track physical activity for 28 days between interviews. Adolescents can earn up to $151; parents can earn up to $40. For more information, view the attached flyer, call 305-348-0477 or email