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Join us in our mission to improve the lives of children and families struggling with mental health problems. Your support will help us combat this public health crisis and allow us to provide access to the very best treatments for families who need it most.

Did You Know?

  • 20% of children in the U.S. suffer from a mental health disorder (an estimated 17.1 million)
  • 50% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 14
  • 50% of students ages 14 and older with a mental illness drop out of high school
  • 90% of those who die by suicide had an underlying mental illness
  • Mental health problems are more costly to society than any other health problem 

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Ways to Give



Greatest Areas of Need

No gift is too small to make a real difference in the lives of the children and families we support. You can give now or year-round and your gift will be used where it is needed the most.

Examples of how your gift may be used:

  • $50 - Helps us buy incentives and rewards for children receiving services at the center
  • $100 - Pays for one counseling session for a family in need
  • $500 - Funds one family to participate in our 8-week Parenting Strategies Group
  • $1,000 - Provides an underserved family with a full treatment plan of 10 sessions
  • $2,500 - Partially funds various trainings for staff in evidence-based techniques or covers the cost of a kit used to evaluate children for autism in the course of a psychoeducational evaluation

Summer Enrichment Programs

Give to one of our summer programs that have helped improve the lives of thousands of children struggling with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges. Funds will support general operation needs of the programs, including, but not limited to, teaching, research, community outreach, enrichment and engagement.

IGNITE: Faculty & Staff Giving

Our employees can also make a big difference by giving back to the families we help through the FIU IGNITE campaign.

CCF Summer Enrichment Programs
Center for Children and Families

Give Your Time

The most precious gift you can give is your valuable time. If you are interested in any volunteering opportunities at the CCF clinic, please call 305-348-0477. If you would like to volunteer in a research lab with our faculty, get to know their work and contact them directly.

For any additional giving opportunities to the Center for Children and Families, please contact or call 305-348-5472. If you would like to donate by mail, please send your check to:

FIU Center for Children and Families
11200 S.W. 8th St.
AHC 1, Room 244
Miami, FL 33199