The Center for Children and Families offers free, online workshops from The Children’s Trust Parent Club on raising children and teens (0-16 years old) to be successful, healthy and happy. Our goal is to share information and advice based on the latest research. 

Online workshops are available in English, Spanish and Creole. We aim to offer morning, afternoon and evening hours to accommodate schedules. At each workshop, caregivers may receive an entry into a raffle drawing with the completion of a short post-workshop survey.

  • Toddlers and Tantrums: What Every Parent Needs to Know

    • Your toddler’s growth and development
    • Reasons why your toddler needs help to cope with emotions 
    • Tantrums: what they are and what causes them 
    • Tips for parents to handle tantrums 
    • What to do if you need additional support
  • Raising Your Child Without Raising Your Voice

    • Defining Yelling
    • Understanding your child’s brain
    • Why do we yell
    • Strategies to prevent yelling
    • Effective technique
  • Test Anxiety: Tips and Strategies for Parents

    • Address reasons why children may feel anxious about taking tests
    • Discuss how to detect test taking anxiety in children
    • Present evidence-based tips for managing children’s test anxiety
    • Provide information about treatment services and research studies for child anxiety
  • The Power of Positive Parenting

    • Ensuring a safe engaging environment
    • Creating a positive learning environment
    • Using assertive discipline
    • Having reasonable expectations
    • Looking after yourself as a parent
  • Raising Confident, Competent Children

    • Showing respect to others
    • Being considerate
    • Having good communication and social skills
    • Having healthy self-esteem
    • Being a good problem solver
    • Becoming independent
  • Raising Resilient Children

    • Recognizing and accepting feelings
    • Expressing feelings appropriately
    • Building a positive outlook
    • Developing coping skills
    • Dealing with negative feelings
    • Dealing with stressful life events
  • Parenting During a Pandemic

    • Handling Your Child’s Emotions
    • Working from Home and Home Schooling
    • Time Management
    • Resources for Building a Creative Learning Environment
    • Creating a Schedule
  • Let’s Talk Tech

    • Tech-Knowledge-y
    • Creating Rules and Routines
    • Keeping your Child Safe
    • Developing a Family Media Plan
    • Taking Breaks and Connecting!
  • Parenting Teens: Survival Tips

    • Getting to know your teen  
    • Managing parent stress 
    • Building your relationship with your teen 
    • Setting clear expectations
    • Giving consequences that fit  

Request a Private Webinar!

If you would like to schedule a FREE private event for a small group of parents, or if you have any questions, please contact Ericka Ruiz or Lissandra Sotolongo. (Private events are also offered in Creole.)

El Centro para Niños y Familias (Center for Children and Families) se ha asociado con The Children’s Trust para ofrecer talleres virtuales gratuitos que cubren temas que son clave para criar hijos (de 0 a 12 años) exitosos, saludables y felices.  Nuestro objetivo es compartir información y consejos basados en las últimas investigaciones.

Los talleres virtuales están disponibles en inglés, español y creole. Nuestro objetivo es ofrecer horarios en la mañana, tarde y noche para acomodar diferentes horarios. En cada taller, los cuidadores pueden participar en un sorteo con la realización de una breve encuesta posterior al taller.
  • Niños pequeños y berrinches: lo que todos los padres deben saber

    • El crecimiento y desarrollo de su niño pequeño
    • Razones por las que su niño pequeño necesita ayuda para sobrellevar las emociones
    • Berrinches: qué son y qué los provoca
    • Consejos para que los padres manejen los berrinches
    • Qué hacer si necesita apoyo adicional
  • Criando A Su Hijo Sin Levantar la Voz

    • Definición de gritos
    • Comprender el cerebro de su hijo
    • ¿Por qué gritamos?
    • Estrategias para prevenir los gritos
    • Técnicas efectivas
  • Ansiedad ante los exámenes: consejos y estrategias para padres

    • Abordará las razones por las que los niños pueden sentirse ansiosos por tomar exámenes
    • Discutirá cómo detectar la ansiedad al tomar exámenes en los niños
    • Presentará consejos basados ​​en evidencia para manejar la ansiedad de los niños ante los exámenes
    • Proporcionará información sobre servicios de tratamiento y estudios de investigación para la ansiedad infantil
  • Crianza Positiva

    • Cómo asegurar un ambiente seguro e interesante
    • Cómo crear un ambiente positivo de aprendizaje
    • Cómo usar la disciplina asertiva
    • Tener expectativas razonables
    • Cómo cuidar de si mismo como padre/madre
  • Criando Niños Seguros y Competentes

    • Mostrar respeto a los demás
    • Ser considerado
    • Tener buena comunicación y habilidades sociales
    • Tener una autoestima saludable
    • Ser un buen solucionador de problemas
    • Ser independiente
  • Criando Niños Resilientes

    • Reconocer y aceptar sus emociones
    • Expresar sus emociones apropiadamente
    • Construir una perspectiva positiva
    • Desarrollar habilidades para lidiar con problemas
    • Lidiar con las emociones negativas
    • Lidiar con eventos estresantes de la vida
  • Crianza Durante una Pandemia

    • Manejar las emociones de los niños
    • Trabajar y educar a los hijos desde casa
    • Habilidades para el manejo del tiempo
    • Recursos para construir un entorno de aprendizaje creativo
    • Crear un horario
  • ¡Hablemos de tecnología!

    • Tecnología y Conocimiento
    • Crear Reglas y Rutinas
    • Mantener la Seguridad de los hijos
    • Desarrollar un plan familiar para las redes sociales
    • ¡Tómese un descanso y conéctese!
  • Criando Adolescentes: Consejos de Supervivencia

    • Conociendo a su adolescente
    • Manejo del estrés de los padres
    • Construyendo su relación con su adolescente
    • Establecer expectativas claras
    • Dar consecuencias justas  

Meet the Team 



  • Dr. Katie Hart
    Dr. Katie Hart is the Director of Parent Club at FIU, an Associate Professor of Psychology, and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She specializes in promoting school readiness and positive mental health in young children. Parent Club is a very special program to Dr. Hart. Not only is it a club for parents and caregivers to come together to learn, share, and connect with each other about strategies that actually work (something she also finds very helpful as a mother of two), it is a club dedicated to strengthening families across the Miami-Dade community and brings together many partners to achieve that goal. Parents are children’s first teachers, but unlike teachers, there is no certification or training you go through before becoming a parent. We are all learning as we go, and one thing is for sure, we can’t do it alone. It takes a village! Come and be part of our village of parents and community partners - we are here for you any time. And if we don’t have the answer, we will help you find it!
  • Ericka S. Ruiz
    Ericka S. Ruiz is a Program Coordinator and Facilitator of Parent Club at FIU in addition to being a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. She leads Spanish and English webinars. Ericka joined the club because she wanted to help parents in the community acquire new parenting skills. She loves Parent Club because it provides new strategies for parents to have in their toolkit as well as share experiences with other parents.
  • Lissandra Sotolongo
    Lissandra Sotolongo is a Program Coordinator and Facilitator of Parent Club at FIU in addition to being a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern. She leads English and Spanish workshops. Lissandra joined the club because she wanted to help both new and current parents find support. She loves Parent Club because it allows parents to gain strategies and resources along with meeting other parents who are facing the daily struggles of parenthood.
  • Judina Amazan
    Judina Amazan is a Facilitator for Parent Club at FIU. She leads English and Creole webinars. She values being a part of a team that focuses on uplifting parents, emphasizing that it is okay to not have all the answers as parenting does not come with a one size fits all manual. Trial and error are how we learn! She loves the Parent Club as it gives parents and caregivers the space to reflect on and strengthen the environment they are creating for their children.
  • Tracy-ann Brown
    Tracy-ann Brown is a Parent Liaison and Facilitator for Parent Club at FIU. She leads English workshops. Her career began loving what she does while working with Miami-Dade County Public Schools full time and supporting parents and their children. Tracy joined the Parent Club because, being a parent herself, she realized the main things she needed were support and learning how to achieve the goals she had for her children and self. She strives to touch the lives of parents by helping them work towards their goals. Families that have gone through the series of workshops and have found them to be helpful gives her confidence in the benefits to how the club supports parents such as herself. Tracy loves the club because it is a great way to help parents like herself learn new strategies and techniques to raise strong, confident and independent children.
  • Gabriel Suarez
    Gabriel Suarez is a Facilitator for Parent Club at FIU. He leads English and Spanish webinars. He joined the club because he wanted to help parents learn different strategies that might help them better their relationship with their children and to help them implement strategies that can help their children in the future. He enjoys Parent Club because it allows him to interact directly with parents on a more personal level and it helps parents gain strategies and resources that might help not only with their current situation but future situations as well.
  • Hortensia Lozano
    Hortensia Lozano is a Facilitator for Parent Club at FIU. She leads English and Spanish webinars. She joined Parent Club to help parents develop positive parenting skills. She enjoys being part of the Parent Club as it gives her great satisfaction to help parents navigate parenthood through the means of parenting workshops.