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New Leadership at our Center


Dear members of the community,

It is with great humility and excitement that we step into our new roles as directors of this esteemed center.

Following the passing of our beloved Founding Director, Dr. William E. Pelham, Jr., we are committed to carrying forward his vision and the center's mission of advancing the well-being of children and families through research, clinical programs, and community engagement.

We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to lead such a remarkable institution, one that owes its strength and vitality to the dedication and contributions of our faculty, staff, and students. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has been pivotal in shaping our center into the dynamic hub of research, training, and clinical services that it is today.

As we embark on this journey together, we do so with immense pride in our team and a profound sense of responsibility to our community. We look forward to collaborating with each of you and serving families as we continue to pursue innovation and excellence in our shared mission.


Dr. Jeremy Pettit and Dr. Katie Hart


Dr. Jeremy W. Pettit

Executive Director

Dr. Pettit is a licensed psychologist and researcher who has worked at FIU since 2009.

Driven by a desire to improve mental health and well-being in young people, Dr. Pettit specializes in understanding and treating anxiety, depression, and related emotional difficulties.

He has developed and evaluated treatments for these conditions while working with families in the Center for Children and Families, resulting in clinical guidelines for assessing and treating suicidal behaviors in youth, a guide to help teens overcome suicidal thoughts, and best practices for treating anxiety disorders in Hispanic/Latino children.


Dr. Katie Hart


Dr. Hart is a licensed psychologist, researcher, and professor who has worked at FIU since 2010.

Her community-engaged research seeks to find innovative and sustainable ways to promote school readiness in young children with early learning and behavioral concerns, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that all children and their families have a strong foundation for later school success and mental health well-being.

Through her work at the Center for Children and Families, she and her team, along with highly-valued and respected school and community partners, have developed and evaluated a number of early intervention programs to support these efforts, bolster positive early childhood experiences, and increase access to quality, evidence-based care. 

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