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We are hosting a free virtual Summer Treatment Program for families, beginning June 15, 2020, for eight weeks. Parents will receive individual weekly parent training sessions, and children will receive three weekly one-hour sessions that focus on social skills development, anger management and more.

Update: Our summer camp is now full.

June 15 - August 7, 2020

Nationally acclaimed, our Summer Treatment Program is an eight-week comprehensive summer camp program for children ages 6-12 with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges.

The program also encourages parent involvement with weekly parent training sessions to develop the skills needed to change their child's behavior at home and assist in their progress and success.

Each child and family has unique needs. Our program was designed to help everyone improve:

  • Problem-solving and skills to improve peer relationships
  • Learning skills and academic performance
  • Ability to follow instructions, complete tasks assigned and comply with requests
  • Improve self-esteem by developing competencies necessary for daily life
  • Skills and tools needed for parents to develop, reinforce and maintain positive changes


Our program consists of behavior therapy using a point system throughout the whole day, required parent training once a week, two hours a day of academic instruction, and various sports including softball, soccer and basketball.

The vast majority of parents who have been through our program feel their entire family benefitted, would send their child again or would recommend the program to other parents.

Attendance for all eight weeks is required. After-care (until 6:30 p.m.) is offered at $12 per day.

Thanks to the generous support of The Children’s Trust, we are able to offer most families scholarships, with amounts varying based on household income and number of family members living in the home and as verified by tax return information.

Our Team

Supervision and oversight are carried out by staff with over 20 years of experience conducting effective treatment programs for children with ADHD. While in the classroom, children are supervised by a teacher and a developmental aide, including highly trained, undergraduate paraprofessional therapists - students pursuing advanced degrees in psychology and educational specialists.

Psychosocial and behavioral aspects of the program are supervised by doctoral level psychologists. Medical aspects of the program are supervised by developmental pediatricians and/or child psychiatrists and nurses.

Parents: How to Apply to the Summer Treatment Program

Parents of children with ADHD, oppositional disorders, aggression, learning problems, or with mixed behavior and learning problems, are encouraged to apply. Children do not need to have any official diagnosis before the intake process. Enrollment is limited and participants are selected through an evaluation conducted by staff. Referrals can be made by school personnel, mental health professionals, physicians or parents.

Before you begin your application, make sure you have the child's teacher’s email, and a copy of your 2019 tax information (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ) for scholarship eligibility. Please make you have no outstanding charges from a previous program/service from the Center for Children and Families.

The application consists of:

  • The Children’s Trust: Child Information Form
  • Client Registration Form
  • Parent Rating Forms completed by parent or guardian
  • Teacher Rating Forms completed by child’s current teacher
  • Physical Examination Form: Applicants are not required to submit the physical at the time of application. We advise that you contact all physicians for an appointment as early as possible so that the physical can be in our office one week prior to the camp start date
  • Copies of previous assessments or evaluations

The application takes 30-35 minutes to fill out and cannot be paused.

After reviewing the completed application, our STP coordinator will be in contact with the caregiver to give an over the phone financial quote and to schedule an intake appointment.

If at any time you are in need of additional forms, you may request them by email at We are here to assist you and can be reached at 305-348-9912.

Apply for the Summer Treatment Program 

Work for the Summer Treatment Program

  • No employment opportunities are currently available for the Summer Treatment Program.