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Participate in Research

By participating in a research study, you can help us establish effective treatments and help us learn about the causes and nature of childhood mental health problems. 

You may also, depending on the study, receive significant reduction in treatment costs or receive treatment completely free of charge.

All of our research studies are completely voluntary, and can be opted out of at any time without penalty.

Below is a list of ongoing studies. If you have further questions, contact us.

Studies for Children

  • Current Studies

    Free Gifted Testing and School Readiness Assessment

    The S.E.L.F.-Regulation Lab and the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at FIU, are providing families with children ages 4-7 with feedback about their children's school readiness. This assessment includes a brief IQ screener, academic achievement testing (in the areas of reading, math, and writing), 30-minute MRI brain scan*, and a series of questionnaires and behavioral observations aimed at examining children's self-control skills and parent-child interactions. Families will receive a brief report of their child's academic performance and will be compensated with a $100 gift card if they qualify and complete both visits and questionnaires.

    Does your young child struggle with social anxiety or extreme shyness?

    Free treatment for children ages 3-8 with social anxiety, extreme shyness, or related anxiety difficulties. Real-time, state-of-the-art treatment with a live therapist from the comfort of your own home through secure videoconferencing. Parents will also receive compensation ($30 gift cards) for participation in post and follow-up assessments. Learn more about free treatment for your child

    Is your child acting out?

    Free Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is available for families with children ages 2-6 who are experiencing behavioral difficulties. Assigned either traditional (once a week) or intensive (Monday-Friday for 2 consecutive weeks) treatment, parents will also receive compensation ($25 gift cards) for completing questionnaires. Learn more about receiving free Parent-Child Interaction Therapy 

    Do you and your child feel anxious?

    Seeking children ages 4-9 with signs of anxiety and their mothers to participate in a study. Mothers will have a 1-hour functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) assessment. fMRI scans use modern technology to create images of the brain without any radiation. Only mothers will be asked to complete an fMRI scan – children will NOT have an fMRI. While mothers have the fMRI, we will ask the child to engage in some games and tasks. The entire visit will take about 2 hours and families will be compensated $100 in the form of prepaid gift cards for their time. Mothers will also be asked to complete online questionnaires prior to the study visit. Mothers are not eligible for this study if they have any metal in their body, if they are currently taking a psychiatric medication, or if they are pregnant. For more information, call the MINT Lab at 305-348-7836.

    Seeking children ages 6-12 who have never been diagnosed

    Seeking children with no history of mental or physical health diagnoses for a study that will help us better understand the ways in which emotional development and physical health are linked in both healthy children and children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Participants receive a free assessment on their child's behavior, along with a free IQ and academic achievement screening test. Participants will also receive $100 for their time and a toy prize for the child.

    Study on learning and social behavior in children

    The Brain and Behavioral Development Laboratory (BBDL) is currently recruiting young children (ages 3-6 years) who have never been diagnosed with a mental or behavioral disorder for a study on associative learning and social behavior. The study requires a one-time visit for 1.5 hours. Participants will complete behavioral tasks and questionnaires. At the end of the visit, families will receive a $25 gift card and a small toy for their child. If your family would like to participate, please email the BBDL at or call the BBDL at 305-348-4947 to schedule a time. Appointment times are flexible.

    Do you have a child ages 6-12?

    Currently recruiting typically developing children for a study to determine 1) if children are distracted by their own internal thoughts and 2) whether that distraction happens more when children think about their own families. Children will complete a computer task including photos that are familiar to them and photos that are not familiar to them. We will also administer brief IQ and achievement screeners. For your family’s participation, we will offer a $10 gift card. Upon request, we can also provide a brief assessment report containing the results of the brief IQ and achievement testing. To learn more, please call Brittany Merrill at the Center for Children and Families at 305-348-4967.

    Youth ages 9-14 needed for a study about sleep and memory

    The REMEDY lab is seeking youth ages 9-14 years-old, who have frequent anxiety, worries and fears. This research study will help us to learn about the role of sleep in processing and storing emotional experiences as memories. We are also interested in how this may occur differently in youth with and without anxiety. We hope that understanding these processes will help in understanding the functions of sleep, and developing future treatments for anxiety.  If you would like to participate, email or call 305-348-5384.

    Help us to understand how infants learn about the world around them!

    We are recruiting typically developing infants and children (2 months through 4 years of age) for our exciting study establishing the basic building blocks of social, cognitive, and language development. Supported by The National Institutes of Health, we use state-of-the-art, fun methods to investigate how children learn about the world around them including faces, voices, speech, and objects. Visits lasts approximately 30 - 45 minutes and families will be compensated with a small cash gift and receive free parking. Please contact 305-348-2842 or for more information.

    Seeking children between ages 3-6 who have never been diagnosed with a mental or behavioral disorder

    The Department of Psychology at FIU is currently conducting a study on learning and social behavior in children (ages 3-6 years). Participants will spend about 1.5 hours completing behavioral tasks and questionnaires. Families will receive a $25 Target Gift Card and a small toy for their child’s participation in the study. Parents must speak English. Interested families can learn more information or schedule an appointment by calling 305-348-4947. Learn more about this behavioral study here.

    Do you have a child ages 5-10 who are emotionally and physically healthy?

    The Emotions and Parenting in Childhood (EPIC) Study is seeking children in that age range to help learn about behavior, emotions and psychological development in children with and without selective mutism (an anxiety disorder characterized by fear of speaking). Families will receive compensation ($30 in gift cards) and a small toy prize. Learn more about this study on development

    Parent of a 12-16 month old Hispanic baby?

    Free phone interview with experts studying how babies who hear Spanish or both English and Spanish learn words. Participation includes an online questionnaire and families will receive compensation ($10 gift card). Learn  more about your child's language acquisition

    Parent of a 2 month-old baby?

    Free evaluation of brain activity while babies play with toys to understand more about healthy baby development. Geared toward 2-month olds, participation is fun and families receive compensation ($40 Target gift cards). Learn more about your baby's development

Studies for Adolescents

Receive 5 free counseling sessions to build important adaptive skills and set personal goals. We are recruiting ages 12-16 who have difficulty with concentration or impulsivity associated with ADHD. We support them in making healthy choices at home and school.