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Our Team

EMU is a collaborative project between REMEDY Research Group, the MaD Lab, and CAPP (see below for descriptions of each). The project is part of a five-year grant funded by the National Institute of Mental Health to study sleep, emotion, and memory in youth.

REMEDY (Research Exploring Motivational and Emotional Development in Youth) Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group led by Dr. Dana McMakin. The research team uses conceptual models and tools (e.g. fMRI) from developmental neuroscience to develop novel intervention strategies for adolescents with, or at risk for, problems related to sleep, emotion, and behavior (e.g., anxiety, depression).

The MaD Lab (Memory and Development Laboratory), led by Dr. Aaron Mattfeld, investigates how the brain supports learning and memory, and how development and neurodevelopmental disorders change these basic cognitive processes. MaD Lab uses behavioral and multimodal imaging techniques to explore how the brain supports learning and memory.

CAPP (Child Anxiety and Phobia Program), led by Dr. Jeremy Pettit, conducts cutting-edge research that helps children and adolescents learn to overcome their fears and anxiety while also advancing science. In the context of clinical trials research, CAPP provides comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatments for children and adolescents who experience excessive fear and anxiety-related problems.