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The Center for Children and Families (CCF) is a multidisciplinary center committed to improving the lives of children, parents and families struggling with mental health concerns.

If you believe your child might be struggling, or if you're looking for general information on children's mental health, please call us at (305) 348-0477 to speak with a clinical staff therapist about the best program for you and your child.

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Check out video resources for both parents and professionals about evidence-based practices that promote child and adolescent mental health.

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Latest News

Psych Central: Study Finds More Than Half of ADHD Kids Have Symptoms as Adults


New research suggests that some 60 percent of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continue to have symptoms into their mid-20s. Moreover, 41 percent had both symptoms and impairment as young adults. “There has been a lot of recent controversy over whether children with ADHD continue to experience symptoms into adulthood,” said Dr. Margaret Sibley, lead author of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry study.

Contemporary Pediatrics: Study highlights what helps, doesn’t help ADHD kids with homework


Although stimulant medication does not seem to improve homework performance among children with ADHD, teaching parents techniques for working on their children’s homework problems is clearly effective—to the tune of an average difference between passing and failing--according to a new study.Helping parents and children with ADHD to address homework problems is an important issue, given academic underachievement is one of the most impairing aspects of childhood ADHD.

FIU News: Researchers embark on national landmark study of adolescent brain development


The largest long-term study of brain development and child health in the U.S. is underway and FIU researchers are at the forefront. FIU is one of the 19 research sites for the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) landmark study dubbed the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development, or ABCD. The study will follow the biological and behavioral development of more than 10,000 children beginning at ages 9-10 through adolescence into early adulthood.

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Speaker Series: Principles Underlying the Use of Multiple Informants' Reports

10/14/2016 12:00 PM

Andres De Los Reyes, Associate Professor, University of Maryland-College Park