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In-Service Training for Educators

As an educator, you are often the first one to notice when a child is struggling. We want to give you the right tools that will help improve the learning environment for everyone.

Our center offers in-service training programs at no cost for schools in South Florida and are customized to meet the individual need, size, and format of each school and district. This training helps educators understand and identify childhood and adolescent learning and mental health problems. 

The programs offered can be as brief as one hour with a specific focus or as long as day-long workshops or multiple sessions. In-service training credits can also be arranged through our Speaker Series talks and conferences.

In-service training will focus on helping educators to:

  • Identify and understand childhood and adolescent learning and mental health problems.
  • Learn practical strategies that help educators manage difficulties in the classroom

Here to Help

Whether you have questions about the services or resources we provide, or want to discuss the particulars of a specific case you’d like refer – we are standing by.


In addition to our services, we offer educational treatment materials and assessment instruments for parents, teachers, mental health professionals and students.