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MICAMH Conference

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February 5-7, 2020
FIU Kovens Conference Center


The Miami International Child & Adolescent Mental Health (MICAMH) Conference is the leading interdisciplinary conference that presents state-of-the-art, evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions for mental health and educational problems in children and adolescents.

The conference offers:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Hands-on breakout workshops
  • Student poster sessions
  • Continuing education credits

 Up to 18 continuing education credits are offered for:

  • Psychologists, APA
  • Mental Health Counselors, NBCC
  • Nurses, ANCC
  • School Psychologists, NASP
  • Social Workers, NASW

The MICAMH Conference is presented by the FIU Center for Children and Families and co-sponsored by The Children's Trust, the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (SCCAP; APA Division 53) and Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

This conference has been approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling; Florida Board of Psychology and Florida Office of School Psychology. 

2020 MICAMH Conference Information


    WEDNESDAY, FEB. 5, 2020


    Maryam Kia-Keating, Ph.D.

    University of California, Santa Barbara

    • Keynote: Promoting resilience in the context of global adversity: Refugee and immigrant youth, families, and communities
    • Workshop: Addressing psychological well-being among refugee and immigrant youth and families


    Robin Gurwitch, Ph.D.

    Duke University

    • Keynote: After Trauma: Understanding the needs of children
    • Workshop: Child-Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE): Strengthening relationships with children/teens who have experienced trauma


    Michael Southam-Gerow, Ph.D.

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    • Keynote: Improving services for kids and families through implementation science: Working on the irrigation system
    • Workshop: Clinical strategies for developing socioemotional competence in youth


    Ashley M. Shaw, Ph.D.

    Florida International University

    • Workshop: Conducting Semi-Structured Assessment of Suicide Risk in Youth in Clinical Settings: Balancing Standardization with Clinical Utility.


    THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 2020


    Matt Lerner, Ph.D.

    Stony Brook University

    • Keynote: New Directions in Understanding and Supporting Social Competence on the Autism Spectrum
    • WorkshopAn Introduction to Sociodramatic Affective-Relational Intervention (SDARI)


    William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D.

    Florida International University

    • Keynote:  Should We Give Psychoactive Medication to America’s Children or Teach Their Parents and Teachers Better Child Management Skills: A Decade of Research on Comparing, Combining, and Sequencing  Interventions for Childhood ADHD   
    • Workshop: Clinical Guidelines for Implementing Multimodal Treatment for ADHD:  How to Sequence, Dose, and Combine Treatment Modalities in School and at Home


    Matthew Sutherland, Ph.D. + Elisa Trucco, Ph.D.

    Florida International University

    • Workshop: What Everyone Needs to Know About E-Cigarette Use and Vaping Among Teens 


    Jami Furr, Ph.D.

    Florida International University

    • Workshop: Advances in Selective Mutism: The Language Environment and Intensive Approaches to Assessment and Treatment


    FRIDAY, FEB. 7, 2020


    Noni K. Gaylord-Harden, Ph.D.

    Loyola University Chicago

    • Keynote: Reactivity to Community Violence Exposure: Rethinking Desensitization in Youth of Color in Urban Communities
    • Workshop: The Need for Contextually-Relevant and Culturally-Specific Trauma-Informed Interventions for Youth Exposed to Community Violence


    Eric Youngstrom, Ph.D.

    The University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill

    • Keynote: A Storm of Innovations: Bringing the Best of the Free Mental Health Tools to the People Who Would Benefit
    • Workshop: Finding, Using, Sharing, and Improving the Best Free Mental Resources


    Golda Ginsburg, Ph.D.

    University of Connecticut (UConn Health)

    • Keynote: Making the Grade: School-based Interventions for Pediatric Anxiety Disorder
    • Workshop: Modular CBT for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: Calling All School Personnel


    Erika Coles, Ph.D.

    Florida International University

    • Workshop: Supporting Social, Emotional and Behavioral Competencies in the Elementary School Setting 

    WEDNESDAY, FEB. 5, 2020

    Clinicians’ attitudes towards the use of Mental Health Smartphone Applications in the Treatment of Adolescents with Anxiety and Related Disorders

    Author: Reed Lessing

    Full Authorship: Reed Lessing, Schuyler Fox, Anne Marie Albano


    Making A Match: Exploring the association between ethnic match and program utilization in a home visiting program

    Author: Akira Gutierrez


    Associations between Parental/Family Functioning and Social Functioning in Youth with ADHD

    Author: E. Michael Wefelmeyer

    Full Authorship: E. Michael Wefelmeyer, Alana J. McVey, Alyson C. Gerdes


    Preliminary Effectiveness of a Predominantly Internet-Based Intervention for Aggressive Youth

    Author: Meagan Heilman

    Full Authorship: Heilman, Bui, Lochman, White


    Perceived parent needs in navigating school-based therapeutic services for children with disabilities

    Author: Ashley Murphy

    Full Authorship: Murphy, Risser


    How Do Specific Parenting Dimensions Relate to Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms In Young Children?

    Author: Breanna Dede

    Full Authorship: Dede, White


    Effectiveness of Resilience Builder Program on externalizing and internalizing problems in a low-SES school sample

    Author: Kristyn Donohue

    Full Authorship: Donohue, Alvord, Rich


    Data-driven predictions: Identifying adolescents at risk for high internalizing symptoms by late adolescence using machine learning

    Author: Kelsey Hudson

    Full Authorship: Hudson, Owens, Spechler, Chaarani, Allgaier, Orr, Albaugh, Potter, Althoff, Garavan, and the IMAGEN Consortium


    A summative program evaluation of a Syrian refugee resettlement program

    Author: Alexis DiGasso

    Full Authorship: DiGasso, Bloom


    Does maternal reappraisal moderate the association between maternal trauma exposure and child emotion regulation?

    Author: Maddison Tolliver-Lynn

    Full Authorship: Tolliver-Lynn, Kaylor, Patel, Sullivan


    Cleaning up with toddlers from high-risk families attending the Group Attachment-Based Intervention (GABI)

    Author: Audrey Kucer

    Full Authorship: Audrey Kucer, The New School for Social Research; Anne Murphy, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Miriam Steele, The New School for Social Research; Jessica Usem, The New School for Social Research; Karen Bonuck, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Paul Meissner, Montefiore Medical Center; Howard Steele, The New School for Social Research; Kathryn Leneave, The New School for Social Research


    Let’s talk: A study of the impact of gendered racial socialization on African American adolescent girls’ mental health

    Author: Leslie Winchester

    Full Authorship: Winchester, Allen, Jones, Hope


    Parent and child quality of life and parental flexibility in families affected by pediatric food allergies

    Author: Danielle Fishbein

    Full Authorship: Fishbein, Garro


    Specific modules and specific outcomes: An interrupted time series analysis examining internalizing symptoms and MATCH modules

    Author: Jennifer Frederick

    Full Authorship: Frederick, Ng, Valente


    Influence of the Level of Asian Culture Exposure on the Association of Trait Emotions and Suicidal Ideation

    Author: Emma G. Choplin

    Full Authorship: Emma G. Choplin, Sydney R. Howie, & Eric A. Youngstrom


    THURSDAY, FEB. 6, 2020


    Early childhood adversity and alienation: The role of self-compassion and attachment security as mediating factors

    Author: Koret Munguldar

    Full Authorship: Munguldar, Kahya, Steele, Steele


    Autism Problem Behavior Severity and Parental Depression: The Effects of Daily Hassles and Benefit Finding

    Author: Sarah Vitale

    Full Authorship: Vitale, Rose, Marker, Lam Schneider, & Alessandri


    Examining the validity of the NIH Toolbox list sorting

    Author: Morgan Jusko

    Full Authorship: Jusko, Horta, Campuz, Smith, Little, Fosco, Raiker


    Mothers’ reflective functioning and the perceived need and utilization of children mental health services

    Author: Ana Dau

    Full Authorship: Dau, Carlone, Milan


    Elucidating the etiology of posttraumatic stress disorders in children: The role of TPH2 genetics

    Author: BreAnne Danzi

    Full Authorship: Danzi, La Greca


    Unifying treatment for mild anxiety and depression in pre-adolescence

    Author: Emily Mariotti

    Full Authorship: Mariotti, Bolden


    The impact of Internet on adolescents’ depression and anxiety levels

    Author: Rita Rivera

    Full Authorship: Rivera, Marullo, Carbellea, Tourgeman


    Gender differences in pre-adolescent binge eating disorder

    Author: Michelle Miller

    Full Authorship: Miller, McLaughlin


    Collaborating with middle school administrators to intervene after a school shooting: A preliminary investigation of a classroom-wide intervention

    Author: Beth Trammell

    Full Authorship: Trammell, Elaine-Truette, Miller, Hibbard


    Anxiety mediates the association between neural emotional responsivity and problem alcohol use in adolescence

    Author: Michelle Villar

    Full Authorship: Villar, Trucco, Hardee, Zucker, Heitzeg


    The Bayley Scales of Infant Development as a predictor of peer competence

    Author: Emily Hegstetter

    Full Authorship: Hegstetter, Marker


    Fear Facers! Using a summer camp to treat children with anxiety spectrum disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder

    Author: Ryan McCarty

    Full Authorship: McCarty, Downing, Nelson, Ordway, Cooke, Lazaroe, Mathews, McNamara


    Examining the role of executive functioning processes in predicting treatment outcome in preschoolers with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

    Author: Melissa Hernandez

    Full Authorship: Hernandez, Hare, Dick, Graziano


    Internalizing pathways to adolescent substance use from adverse childhood experiences

    Author: Michelle Villar

    Full Authorship: Villar, Trucco, Fava, Zucker


    Confirming disordered eating behavior trends correlated with Asian identity among college students

    Author: Hannah Kim

    Full Authorship: Hannah Kim, Ishan Thaker, Eric A. Youngstrom


    FRIDAY, FEB. 7, 2020


    A needs assessment of low-income students attending an alternative high school: Qualitative findings

    Author: Kelly Vogel

    Full Authorship: Vogel, White, Watts, Banayan, Boustani


    Availability of psychologists for the birth to five population

    Author: Dr. Keri Giordano

    Full Authorship: Giordano, Rourke, LaRourette, Interra, Baker


    Social stress and reasons for living within a clinical sample of low-income, ethnic minority adolescents

    Author: Samantha Burton

    Full Authorship: Burton, Granski, Gentry, Dackis, Pimentel


    School psychology doctoral programs’ training of students to work with transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) youth

    Author: Dr. Deborah Miller

    Full Authorship: Miller, Kelly, Walters


    Identified needs and barriers for successful transition to independence for young adults aged out of foster care

    Author: Erin Corcoran

    Full Authorship: Corcoran, Sink, Zaidi, Gabrielli


    The impact of hurricane-related experiences on the stress levels and mental health functioning of parents of children of autism-spectrum disorder

    Author: Kaitlyn Brodar

    Full Authorship: Brodar, La Greca, Tarlow, Comer


    The synergistic effect of low self-control and internalizing symptoms on adolescent electronic cigarette use intentions

    Author: Benjelene Sutherland

    Full Authorship: Sutherland, Sutherland, Trucco


    Families’ experiences of in-home Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: An exploratory study

    A comprehensive overview of pediatric medical traumatic stress

    Author: Kalli Decker

    Full Authorship: Decker, Slominski, Fregoso


    A comprehensive overview of pediatric medical traumatic stress

    Author: Alaina Miller

    Full Authorship: Miller, Warfield, Williams


    Practicing psychologists’ evidence-informed knowledge of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

    Author: Gabrielle Vasilevskis

    Full Authorship: Vasilevskis, Meneses, Creek, Perle


    Health-promoting behaviors and subjective wellbeing among high school aged adolescents

    Author: Nicholas Smith

    Full Authorship: Smith, Bradley-Klug, Suldo, Brennan, Dedrick, & Shaffer-Hudkins


    An application of the dual factor model of mental health in elementary school students: Implications for social functioning and student engagement

    Author: Nicholas Smith

    Full Authorship: Smith, Suldo, Hearon, Ferron


    Outcome expectancies mediate the impact of hopelessness and impulsivity on E-cigarette use intentions

    Author: Brigitte Madan

    Full Authorship: Madan, Sutherland, Trucco


    Development and preliminary validation of a procedural knowledge measure to assess clinician CBT use

    Author: Mary Phan

    Full Authorship: Phan, Becker-Haimes, Beidas


    Evaluating the association between discrete emotions and manic and depressive symptoms

    Author: Jennifer L. Smith

    Full Authorship: Jennifer L. Smith, Logan T. Smith, and Eric A. Youngstrom


    "Using Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and Twitter to Disseminate Evidence-Based Psychology:

    An Update on Progress"

    Author: Elizabeth D. Wilson

    Full Authorship: Elizabeth D. Wilson, The HGAPS Author Team, & Eric A. Youngstrom



    The MICAMH Conference offers up to 18 continuing education credit/contact hours if you attend all three days. If you attend only one day, you may earn up to six.

    The FIU Center for Children and Families has been approved to provide continuing education for the following:

    The CCF has been approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. The CCF maintains responsibility for the program.

    Mental Health Counselors
    The FIU Counselor Education Program is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP™) and a co-sponsor of the Center for Children and Families’ presentations. The FIU Counselor Education program may award NBCC approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. The ACEP™ solely is responsible for all aspects of the program. Provider #4565, effective 9/1/11.

    The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accepts continuing education credit provided by APA providers towards ANCC re-certification.

    School Psychologists
    The Center for Children and Families is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer professional development for school psychologists. The Center for Children and Families maintains responsibility for the program.

    Social Workers
    This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers. (Approval #886608594)

    Florida Providers
    The conference has also been approved by the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling; Florida Board of Psychology and Florida Office of School Psychology. Provider #BAP 50-12872.


    Courtyard by Marriott in Aventura (Book the FIU/Kovens Center Corporate rate)

    For more information on the conference venue, nearby hotels and entertainment, visit the Kovens Center website.


    What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

    Parking is included with your registration.


    Are meals included with my registration?

    Breakfast, lunch and a coffee break are included with your registration.


    Do you have any lodging recommendations?

    For more information on the conference venue, nearby hotels and entertainment, visit the Kovens Center website.


    Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

    No. You will be able to check-in at registration.


    Can I update my registration information?

    Yes. You may go back to your registration and edit any information you'd like.


    Can I attend all the keynote sessions?

    Yes. You can attend all keynote sessions for the days you are registered for.


    Can I attend all the workshops available?

    You will only be able to attend one workshop per day.


    How do I register for my workshops?

    We will send a workshop registration link a couple of weeks before the conference. We recommend you register right away for the workshops you are interested in because space is limited.


    How many continuing education credits can I earn?

    You may earn up to 6 CE's per day and up to 18 for all three days.


    Is there an additional fee to receive CE's?



    Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?



    Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

    The name on the registration must match the person who attends.


    Can I register at the conference?

    Yes, but advanced registration costs are lower than on-site registration.


    What's the refund policy?

    We will only provide a full refund up to 7 days before the conference begins.


    How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

    Please email with questions. 


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