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Academic & Social Skills

Children with difficulty staying focused, staying on task, following class rules or keeping track of tests and assignments may require additional support. If your child is struggling with any of these concerns, we can help get them back on track.

Programs & Services

After-School Treatment Program

Daily after-school program designed for children at-risk for attention, behavior, and academic problems (available at Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary School) For more information, call 305-552-7122 ext. 2142 or e-mail:

Individual Treatment

Tailored treatment that meets your child or your family’s needs. Call 305-348-0477 or email for more information.

Reading Explorers Program

Program that focuses on improving the reading skills of young children that are struggling with reading (ages 5-7) For more information, visit The Children's Trust website or contact

Parent Impact

Weekly program that supports parents and their elementary-aged children who are experiencing academic difficulties due to inattention and poor organizational skills. For more information, call 305-348-0477.

Parenting Strategies Group

Weekly parenting classes where children participate in social skills groups while parents work together to learn behavior management techniques and solve problems. This program helps parents promote positive changes in their children’s home and school behavior. Sessions in Spanish are also available (ages 5-11). For more information, call 305-348-0477.

Psycho-educational Evaluations

Low-cost evaluations for families with children ages 5-18 to help with diagnostic status and educational planning. The evaluation includes diagnostic clinical interview with the parent, rating scales, IQ testing, academic achievement testing and more. Parents receive a detailed report and diagnostic feedback, as well as recommendations for further testing or intervention. For more information, call 305-348-0477.

Saturday Treatment Program

Expanded Parenting Strategies program that includes recreational sport activities for participating children.  For more information, call 305-348-0477

School Intervention

Consultation meetings with a child’s school staff and parents to develop individualized treatment program to manage problematic behaviors and improve academic performance. For more information, call 305-348-0477.

SOS- Enhancing Leadership Skills in Teens

This 4-week group will provide 12- to 17-year-olds with an opportunity to gain self awareness and  learn valuable skills to better navigate this changing technological world. 

Summer Academy in Liberty City

Comprehensive school readiness program for children with moderate to severe learning and behavioral needs, and their families, who are transitioning into kindergarten. The program takes place in Liberty City at Thena Crowder Early Childhood Diagnostic and Special Education Center. For more information, please call 305-348-8231

Summer Treatment Program

Nationally acclaimed summer camp for children with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges(ages 5-12). For more information, call 305-348-0477.


Summer Treatment Program PreK (STP PreK)

Comprehensive school readiness program for children entering kindergarten with behavior problems. For more information, please call 305-348-1833


Supporting Teens Academic Needs Daily (STAND)

A 14-session program that builds social and leadership skills in teens (ages 12-17) For more information, call 305-348-0477.


Program that helps teens ages 12-17 build effective communication skills to build and sustain peer relationships. For more information, call 305-348-0477.

Some of these programs and services may offer research opportunities to help us advance the way we treat child mental health problems. You can choose not to participate in the research opportunities.

We Can Help

Not sure about what your child is experiencing? Give us a call: 305-348-0477.