Summer Treatment Program Training

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Program Information

The Children’s Summer Treatment Program (STP) is a comprehensive program for children with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges. The STP has successfully helped more than 3,000 children and families and is composed of evidence-based intensive treatments incorporated into an eight-week therapeutic summer camp setting. Group and tailored individual treatment plans are focused on improving problem-solving, academic functioning and social skills—while also incorporating recreational, age-appropriate games and group activities.


William E. Pelham, Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Pelham is the developer of the Summer Treatment Program and Director of the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University. He has been operating the STP since 1980.

Andrew R. Greiner. Mr. Greiner is a Research Scientist at the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University. He is a co-author of the STP treatment manual. He has been the training supervisor and Treatment Integrity and Reliability Coordinator for the STP for more than 25 years.

Elizabeth M. Gnagy. Ms. Gnagy is a Research Scientist at the Center for Children and Families at Florida International University. She is a co-author of the STP treatment manual. She has been the Data Integrity Coordinator for the STP for more than 25 years and is a co-leader of STP training activities.

Workshop Information

Total time: approximately 16 hours.

This workshop describes and demonstrates the information presented in the STP program manual, available for download. Participants should obtain and review the program manual prior to completing this workshop. The training workshop will provide professionals who are interested in running an STP with background information and review of the main treatment program components and procedures. The STP point system, including operational definitions, activity rules, behavior classification guidelines, and data recording procedures, is presented in detail. Daily activities, including the peer-group recreational activities that make up one of the primary treatment settings, are demonstrated with video examples. Other treatment components are reviewed and worksheet exercises are included. Finally, an introduction to the role-play activities that make up the primary STP training activity are introduced along with video examples.

The workshop is divided by subject area, listed below. Slide handouts are available for download and are linked below. For some presentations, additional worksheets are available and should be printed for use during the presentation. At the end of each topic, an optional self-study quiz is available.

Topic / STP Manual Chapter. Click to view video. Approx. Length Supplemental Materials Self Study Quiz Link
Summer Treatment Program Overview 60 min Slides
Daily Activities Overview 30 minSlides
Point System 120 minSlides Quiz
Rules for Classifying Point System Behaviors (Ch. 2.4) 20 min Quiz
Activity Rules (Ch. 2.5) 35 min Slides Quiz
Attention Questions (Ch 2.8) 30 min Slides
Point Sheet Recording (Ch. 2.9) 110 min Practice Point Sheet Quiz
Positive Reinforcement 60 min Slides
Effective Commands (Ch. 3) 40 min Slides
Time-Out Procedures (Ch. 4) 120 min Practice Worksheet; Slides
Social Skills Training 50 min Slides
Recreational Activities 105 min Slides
Sports Skill Drills 30 min Slides
Individualized Programs (Ch. 8) 60 min Slides
Group Problem-Solving Discussions (Ch. 9) 20 min Slides
Honor Roll Program (Ch. 10) 20 min Slides
End of Day Procedures and Data Scoring (Ch. 12) 40 min Slides
Fun Friday Procedures 15 min Slides
Treatment Integrity and Fidelity (Ch. 17) 15 min Slides
Training Role-Play Activities 60 min Practice Worksheet