School-Based Services


In-service training programs are offered at no cost for schools in South Florida. These can vary in size and format according to the needs of the district. The programs offered can be as brief as one hour with a specific focus or as long as day-long workshops or multiple sessions. The focus is typically on identification and understanding of childhood and adolescent mental health and learning problems and, more importantly, on practical strategies for working on these difficulties in the school setting. Classroom management strategies are a major focus of our in-service programs.


The CCF has consulted with multiple local elementary and middle schools to establish and maintain a school-based, system-wide intervention for the prevention of behavior problems in school settings.

Consultation includes training for all teachers and staff to use effective, evidence-based behavior modification techniques and to implement a coherent and consistent behavior modification program across all classrooms and settings within the school. Components of the school-wide program include well-validated procedures, such as use of social reinforcement, effective commands, age-appropriate and effective time-out procedures, and effective verbal reprimands. The school-wide model also includes school-wide rules, consistent monitoring, and appropriate, consistent, positive and negative consequences.

Interested schools and professionals should contact the center at 305-348-0477.