At the Center for Children and Families, we have the same goals as you do: to improve the lives of the children we work with. Whether you’re a primary care physician, a school counselor or administrator, a teacher, a tutor or a social worker, you share our commitment to giving kids the best possible chance at a happy, fulfilling, positive childhood.

Unfortunately, you also know that every child doesn’t get an equal chance at those things. Research by the National Institute of Health shows that by age 18, two out of every five children will meet diagnostic criteria for a serious mental health disorder.

You deal with challenges facing kids every day, but there are some problems that either aren’t in the scope of your work, or require more time, resources or training than you have available. That’s where we come in.

The Center for Children and Families offers comprehensive, cutting-edge, evidence based treatment for the entire spectrum of children’s mental health disorders. Our faculty, recognized worldwide as leading experts in these disorders, are committed to researching, developing and implementing psychosocial treatments for families and children. We offer:

  • Individual and group therapy for children and teens
  • Parent training and family interventions
  • Evening, weekend, and summer treatment programs
  • Medication consultation
  • Free treatment through research participation
  • Financial assistance for low income families

We also strive to establish lasting partnerships in the community. To that end, we offer:

  • Continuing education for mental health, medical and school professionals
  • School and community based consultations
  • Informational materials to use in your own practice about children’s mental health
  • The ability for you, as a provider, to refer children and families to us for services

If you work with children and families in Miami-Dade or Broward counties, we want to be your resource for additional help when your clients need it. If your students or patients are struggling with mental health issues, call us at 305-348-0477. We can help.