What Problems Can We Help With?


While there are a large number of mental health issues commonly experienced by children, the concerns below are among those we see most often in kids and teens. If any of these sound familiar, we encourage you to call us at 305-348-0477 to learn more and schedule an evaluation.


Everyone can feel sad, down or low from time to time, and everyone will worry about stressful things or feel scared when confronting frightening situations. But for some children, these feelings are worse than expected, or occur several times a week, or even every day. Some children may be so down or distraught that it leads them to feel ill, to avoid situations where they may experience what frightens them, or to withdraw from activities they previously enjoyed.


No matter how smart the child, some struggling with school is normal. For some children, however, the struggling happens more often than not, or they have significant difficulty focusing, staying on task or in their seat, or keeping track of tests and assignments. If these types of problems are significantly impacting your child, there’s a good chance we can help.


No kid behaves perfectly all the time, and we don’t expect them to—every kid has a tantrum once in a while. For some, though, their behavior is consistently difficult, whether through physical or verbal aggression, engaging in risky, delinquent or criminal behavior, extreme tantrums, or a consistent disrespect for authority and refusal to follow rules.


Children develop at different speeds, and regardless of the milestone, there’s a typical range for when a given child will reach it. If you or a school or medical professional suspects a more serious delay in your child’s functioning, however, or if you notice their social interaction and development seems to be lagging behind that of other kids their age, there may be other factors affecting them.


The above problems represent many of the typical challenges the kids we see are facing, but they are by no means all of them. We can’t cover all of the individual issues and disorders that we treat at the Center on this page, but we can speak with you to discuss if we’re the right place to help with what your child has been struggling with.