Forms & Materials

In addition to our services, CCF offers educational resources, treatment materials, and assessment instruments for parents, teachers, mental health professionals and students.

Fact Sheets

What Parents And Teachers Should Know About ADHD. Briefly summarizes diagnostic criteria and process, causes, lifespan outcomes, and treatment for ADHD children and adolescents. Spanish Translation available.

ADHD Psychosocial Fact Sheet Describes the reasons for doing non-medication approaches to treating ADHD. This packet describes the nature of evidence-based psychosocial treatment, including parent training, school interventions, and peer interventions and includes useful references for parents, teachers, and professionals. Spanish translation available.

ADHD Medication Information Sheet for Parents and Teachers Describes medication treatment for children with ADHD, including types of medication used, dosages, benefits, and side effects. Spanish Translation Available.

Treatment Materials

How to Establish a Daily Report Card (School-Home Note) Describes how teachers can establish a School-Home Daily Report Card (DRC) for an ADHD child in the classroom to help them manage child behavior and to provide standard communication between teachers and parents. Spanish translation available.

Homework Tips for Parents of Children With ADHD Provides quick tips and behavioral strategies that parents can use at home to improve their child’s behavior during homework time and homework completion and accuracy.

Conducting an Outpatient Medication Assessment and Ratings Describes procedures for conducting a school-based, placebo-controlled medication evaluation and includes rating scales for main effects and side effects of medication. Spanish translation available.

Summer Treatment Program Manual-Professionals who are interested in more information about the Summer Treatment Program may obtain the STP Manual by completing a request form.

General information about starting a Summer Treatment Program is also available.

Assessment Instruments

Parent/Teacher Disruptive Behavior Disorder Rating Scale Questionnaire to be completed by the parent and teacher to determine symptoms of ADHD, oppositional/defiant disorder and conduct disorder. Includes scoring information. Spanish translation available.

Impairment Rating Scales (IRS) Narrative form to be completed by the parent and teacher to describe child's behavioral problems and need for treatment. IRS Means, SD, and Score Distribution are also available. Spanish translation available and Italian translation available.

Clinical Intake Interview- Initial parent interview focusing on child’s presenting problems, strengths, school history, and treatment history.

Disruptive Behavior Disorders Parent Interview- Semi-structured parent interview that assesses DSM symptoms of ADHD, ODD and CD with situational and severity probes.

Classroom Management Procedures- Teacher rating/interview used to determine existing classroom structure and teacher knowledge of behavioral classroom management procedures. Helpful as a first step in establishing a classroom consultation for children with disruptive behavior disorders. May also be used pre-post to measure changes in classroom management procedures resulting from interventions.

Parenting Practices Interview- Parent interview regarding current parenting practices and disciplinary strategies. Helpful as a first step in establishing home-based interventions for children with disruptive behavior disorders. May also be used pre-post to measure changes in classroom management procedures resulting from interventions.

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