STP for 1st-6th grade students


Examining Tolerance to CNS Stimulants in ADHD

This year, children ages 5-12 who participate in the STP will have the opportunity to enroll in a medication research study.

About the Tolerance Research Study:

Stimulant medications (Concerta®, Focalin®, Adderall®, Vyvanse®, etc.) are the most commonly prescribed treatment for children with ADHD with many children taking them daily. However, these medications can stop working as well over time, called "tolerance."

This research study aims to:
1. see if tolerance happens over a short period of time during the summer, and
2. see if taking short (weekend) breaks from medication helps to keep the medication working over time.

To be eligible for this study, children must be enrolled in the STP at the Center for Children and Families. All children will have a controlled test of medication during the summer.

Children will also be followed for the next school year by clinical staff at the Center for Children and Families. Medication adjustments and behavioral consultation will be provided to participating families free of charge during the school year.

Who is Eligible: Children ages 5-12 with ADHD.

When: June 20th-August 12th, 2016. The camp day is from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Where: Center for Children and Families

Cost: Scholarships and other financial assistance are available to cover most of the STP cost for study participants. Medication will be provided free of charge.

Enrollment: To initiate the enrollment process, please call (305) 348-0477 or fill out this contact form.

Enrollment is limited, and parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible!