Specific Programs

Image Here at the CCF, we offer low-cost services and deliver the best care available to children and families struggling with mental health concerns.

Prior to enrollment in many of our services, an intake assessment with a CCF Clinical Staff Therapist must be completed. We review each participant in a case by case basis in order to determine if the child is appropriate for the service of interest.

If your child doesn't fit into a specific program listed below, our center offers individual customized treatments to help your child.

We encourage you to call us at (305) 348-0477 to speak with a CCF Clinical Staff Therapist about the best program for you and your child.

ADHD and Behavioral Programs

Summer Treatment Program (STP)

The nationally acclaimed Summer Treatment Program (STP) at the Center for Children and Families is a comprehensive summer camp program for children ages 5-12 with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional and learning challenges. The program is composed of evidence-based intensive treatments incorporated into an eight-week therapeutic summer camp setting. Group and tailored individual treatment plans are focused on improving problem-solving, academic functioning and social skills—while also incorporating recreational, age-appropriate games and group activities.

The STP also encourages parent involvement with weekly parent training sessions to develop the skills needed to change their child's behavior at home and assist in their progress.

STP for Pre-Kindergarteners (STP-PreK)

The STP Pre-K is part of the STP, but for children entering kindergarten that are experiencing behavioral, emotional and learning challenges.

STP Healthy-Lifestyle Intervention Program (HIP)

The HIP Program actively involves children ages 4-8 and their parents in promoting physical health, healthy eating habits, and social-emotional functioning.

Saturday Treatment Program (SatTP)

Led by CCF clinical staff, the Saturday Treatment Program provides interactive skill-based support for parents of children with behavior problems between the ages of 5 and 11. Caregivers learn effective techniques to get rid of their child’s negative behaviors and promote positive changes at school and the home. At the same time, children learn to develop social skills that promote positive peer relationships by participating in classroom and recreational sport activities.

Parenting Strategies Group

Weekly parenting classes led by CCF clinical staff where children participate in social skills groups while parents work together to learn behavior management techniques and solve problems. This program helps parents promote positive changes in their children’s home and school behavior.

Supporting Teens' Academic Needs Daily (STAND)

STAND consists of weekly group or individual therapy sessions for middle and high school students with attention deficits and executive functioning difficulties. This program helps teens develop motivation to complete responsibilities and school work and teaches organization, time management, and planning skills. Parents attend the program with the teen and staff provide support in creating appropriate structure at home and helping the parent find ways to reduce their helping behaviors and build teen independence.

ATLAS Project

The ATLAS Project is part of a research study at the CCF for adolescents ages 12-16 who have difficulties with concentration or impulsivity associated with ADHD. The goal of the study is to find the best way to support adolescents in making healthy choices at home, at school, with friends, and with alcohol and other drugs. All participating adolescents will receive 5 free sessions with a counselor to build adaptive skills (e.g., problem-solving, emotion regulation, resisting peer pressure) and to set personal goals. To ask about enrollment, please call 305-348-3891. If you would like someone from the ATLAS Team to contact you about the project, please click here to provide your contact information.

Behavior and Developmental Delay

Advancing Child Competencies by Extending Supported Services (ACCESS) For Families Program

The ACCESS for Families Program is a study funded by the National Institutes of Health to explore behavior and developmental problems among young children aging out of Early Steps (Part C). All families will participate in five evaluations in their home to learn more about their child’s behavior and development. Families also may receive treatment designed to help change their child’s behaviors that will be conducted over the Internet using a tablet.


Summer Program for Autism in Rising Kindergartners (SPARK)

The SPARK Program is a school readiness program for preschoolers with high functioning Autism who are experiencing behavioral difficulties. The program targets behavioral, emotional, and academic readiness for kindergarten and includes: a behavior modification system, a social-emotional curriculum, an academic curriculum. The program also involves weekly group parenting sessions to help parents develop skills to improve their child’s behavioral and social emotional functioning.

Organization Skills / Reading Skills / Social Skills

*Organization, Time Management, and Planning Skills Camp

The Organization Skills Camp is an opportunity for middle school students to receive intensive instruction, training, and practice in organization, time management and planning skills. Trained graduate student counselors provide support to students with specific program goals.

Reading Explorers Program

The Reading Explorers Program focuses on improving the reading skills of young children that are struggling with reading. This program is funded by The Children’s Trust and managed by the CCF. Visit The Children's Trust to find participating summer camp program locations and registration information.

Teens-POWER Group (Teens Pursuing Opportunities With Evolving Relationships)

Program for teens ages 12-17 that consists of 14 sessions to help build their social skills. Topics include: Developing leadership skills, Building effective communication and managing challenging social situations. Sessions take place on Thursdays from 6p.m.-7:30p.m.

Anxiety Disorders

Child Anxiety and Phobia Program

Cognitive-behavioral therapy and computer-based attention training programs are used to treat fears related to being separated from parents, sleeping alone, going to school, social situations, or specific objects or events. Treatment programs are available both for children with anxiety disorders and children who experience some anxiety and fears but do not have a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

Mental Health Interventions and Technology (MINT) Program

This program offers telehealth treatments using secure videoconferencing to deliver real-time, therapist-led treatment directly to families in their own homes. Services include internet-delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy for childhood anxiety disorders and OCD, as well as internet-delivered Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for early child behavioral disorders.

MINT Early Child Anxiety Program

Specialized evidence-based evaluation and treatment services are offered for young children (ages 3-9) with anxiety and related problems. Services may be provided in our clinic or may be provided directly in families' homes through the use of live Internet-delivered videoconferencing methods.

Call 305-348-7836, or email TheMINTProgram@gmail.com for more information.

Selective Mutism Program

Intensive treatment programs offered for children with Selective Mutism and other anxiety disorders. This program targets the difficulties of speaking in social or school situations with familiar and unfamiliar peers and adults.

Brave Bunch Summer Program

The FIU Brave Bunch Summer Treatment Program is a week-long intensive group treatment program for children ages 3-9 who have been diagnosed with s=Selective Mutism or have difficulty speaking in social or school situations with familiar and/or unfamiliar peers and adults. This program is modeled after the Brave Buddies summer treatment program developed by Dr. Steven Kurtz of the Child Mind Institute.

Family Counseling Services

Couples Therapy

Even the most stable relationships can start to suffer due to life’s stresses and demands. If you and your partner could use some help with issues you may be currently facing, we would like to help! Our counselors and counselors-in-training have advanced training in evidence based treatment approaches, such as Gottman Couples Therapy to help couples with children with their relationship.

Individual Treatment

Treatment for a child or family’s needs is individually tailored to address concerns, including parenting, depression, anxiety, anger management, disruptive behavior and divorce intervention.

Other Services

School-based services

Our therapists work with the school and the family to provide help directly in the child's classroom. We design an individualized treatment program to manage problematic behaviors and improve academic performance.

Infant and Early Childhood Services

Evidence-based evaluations and services are provided for families of infants and young children (ages 0 to 5) with behavioral and developmental problems.