Mission Statement

The Center for Children and Families at FIU is committed, above all, to improving the lives of children, parents, and families struggling with mental health issues. To achieve this, we focus on three main goals:

  • To advance our understanding of the cause, course, and outcome of child and adolescent mental health disorders through field-leading research;
  • To develop, test, and deliver effective mental health treatments, proven to work through rigorous research;
  • To train researchers and clinicians to further these goals, and to train other service providers, mental health professionals, teachers and trainers on the knowledge and treatments we develop.

The multi-disciplinary CCF team, composed of leading psychologists in child clinical and adolescent science, developmental psychology, applied behavior analysis, and professional counseling psychology, works every day to further progress towards these goals. Since its founding at FIU in 2010, the CCF has produced numerous articles, hosted conferences and training seminars on a wide range of topics, trained graduate students in all aspects of research and practice, and helped children and families in South Florida to deal with the challenges they’d been facing.

The CCF’s work combats one of the greatest public health concerns in the United States and the world today. Children’s mental health disorders are among the most costly, harmful, and prevalent challenges faced in modern medicine. The work we do at the Center for Children and Families is focused on finding solutions to these challenges, for the children we treat and for the other providers, both nationally and internationally, who serve them as well.