Jessica Robb Mazzant

Jessica Robb Mazzant

Contact Information

Office: AHC 1 Room 123 Cubicle 7
Phone: 305.348.3003


  • B.A. , Psychology, Ohio University, Athens, OH
  • M.A., Psychology, State University of New York, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
  • Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, State University of New York, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

Research Interests:

Dr. Robb is involved in providing training in evidence-based practices, as well as providing educational and behavioral interventions to schools and community mental health agencies. Dr. Robb has served as a Co-Director and Clinical Supervisor in the Children's Summer Treatment Program, a state-of-the-art, award-winning, intensive behavior therapy program for children with ADHD. Further, she is an instructor for the Department of Psychology at FIU. She is a past recipient of the Excellence-in-Teaching award from the University at Buffalo.

Select Publications

Sibley, M.H., Waxmonsky, J.G., Robb, J.A. & Pelham, W.E. (2013). Implications of changes for the field: ADHD. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 46(1), 34-42.

Robb, J.A., Sibley, M.H., Pelham, W.E., Foster, E.M., Molina, B., Gnagy, E.M. & Kuriyan, A.B. (2011). The Estimated Annual Cost of ADHD to the US Education System. School Mental Health, 3(3), 169-177.

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Babinski, D.E., Pelham, W.E., Molina, B.S.G., Gnagy, E.M., Waschbusch, D.A., MacLean, M.G., Wymbs, B.T., Sibley, M.H., Biswas, A., Robb, J.A., & Karch, K.M. (2011). Late Adolescents and young adult outcomes of girls diagnosed with ADHD in childhood: An exploratory outcome. Journal of Attention Disorders, 15(3), 204-214.

Waxmonsky J, Cummings M, Gnagy E, O’Connor B, Chacko A, Arnold F, Walker F, Garefino A, *Robb J*, Verley J, Majumdar A, Pelham W.E. (2008). The efficacy and tolerability of methylphenidate and behavior modification in children with ADHD and severe mood dysregulation. Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology, 18(6), 873-588.

Waschbusch, D.A., Cunningham, C.E., Pelham, W.E., Rimas, H.L., Gnagny, E.M., Greiner, A., Waxmonsky, J.W., Fabiano, G.A., Robb, J.A., Burrows-MacLean, L., & Scime, M. (2011). A Discrete Choice Conjoint Experiment for Treatment of Young, Medication Naïve Children with ADHD. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 40(4), 1-16.